Join our great group of volunteers. We have many types of jobs to do, many with flexible schedules.

We have a job for you if you want to get first look at our hundreds of donated books, if you love to organize, if you want a little more exercise, or if you want to get to know more of your neighbors.

Most tasks can be done in two hours or less – you select the time that works for you.

Community Bookstore
To volunteer at the Friends' Community Bookstore contact Gail Youngblood (831) 277-6477.

Quarterly Book Sales
We have quarterly book sales in the Marina Library Community Room and Lobby.
Upcoming Sales:
2023: September 1,2,3 and December 1,2,3
2024: March 1,2,3 (and more dates TBA)
Hours: Fridays 10 am - 5 pm, Saturdays 10 am-5 pm Sundays 10 am - 1 pm
Leftover books are available in the lobby for free until the Thursday after the sale.

We would appreciate help with any of these tasks:

  • Set up tables in the lobby at the beginning of the day (8 to 10 a.m.)
  • Install banners on the street near the library (Two days before the sale)
  • Unload boxes of books
  • Arrange books on tables for customers to peruse
  • Cashier or Membership table
  • Box up books at the end (on Thursday)
  • Move boxes to storage
  • To help at a monthly book sale, contact Gail Youngblood 831-277-6477 gyoungb292@aol.com

Movie Matinees

We screen free movies on the second Saturday of January, March, July, and November at 2 p.m.

  • Help movie night organizers set up chairs before the event
  • Help put away chairs after the movie is over
  • To help at movies, contact Grace Silva-Santella 831-238-4286 ssgardens2@gmail.com

Second Saturday Concerts

Our indoor concerts have been cancelled until the library permits public use of the community room.

However we are starting to plan outdoor concerts in front of the library. The first Concert will be by One A-Chord, on Saturday, July 17, 2022 from 1-3 pm

If you wish to volunteer, call Dana at 831-682-8016 or Loujeanne at 831-262-4521

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Help set up chairs
  • Bake or cook something to serve at intermission
  • Help serve food at intermission
  • Help clean up

Children's Party

  • Put out blocks and other construction toys
  • Clean up toys
  • Promote the event to parents’ groups

Volunteer for these activities by appointment:

  • Staff the Friends' Community Bookstore
  • Collect donated books
  • Organize, sort, scan donated books
  • Organize books in the library lobby sale shelves
  • Prepare books for sale on our Amazon site
  • To help, contact Gail Youngblood: gjyoungblood@gmail.com

Volunteer for these promotional activities any time that works for you:

  • Communicate with volunteers
  • Take photos for website and Facebook
  • Create and post information on our Facebook page
  • Promote events in press and to public
  • Graphic design for flyers
  • Webmaster
  • Post promotional flyers around town
  • To help with promotion, contact Dana Cleary 831-682-8016 cleahoff@gmail.com

Board and Committee Service

  • Michelle Lang Children’s Room Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Friends of the Marina Library Board

To learn about board and committee service, contact Dana Cleary 831-682-8016 cleahoff@gmail.com

Our Giant Annual Book Sale
Our Giant Annual Booksale has been cancelled until the Monterey County Free Library's Covid restrictions are lifted and we can use the community room again.

When we are able to resume holding our large library sale, we will be recruiting volunteer for the following tasks:

Book Sorting
We sort through thousands of books and organize them by genre. This is an opportunity for book lovers to get first choice of the thousands of books donated to us.

We need large groups of people to sort these books. Work for a two-hour shift or give us more time if you are available.

This work can be done by adults and also by students. We sign off on Community Service Hours.

We sort books at our bookstore at 330 Reservation Road in Marina. The Friends' Community Bookstore is open Tuesday-Sunday 10am-4pm

We will work on week days and on Saturdays throughout August. For information or to sign up to help, contact Joanne at books.foml@gmail.com

Book Sale Set-Up
We have identified volunteers to move the books to the library, but we need volunteers to display the books on the tables. Can you help us?

Books are displayed by genre, and all fiction is alphabetized by author. For information or to sign up to help with book display, contact Joanne at books.foml@gmail.com

Book Sale
We need lots of help conducting the Sale!

Help for a two-hour shift or help all day. We will feed you!

Volunteer Jobs:

  • Book Sellers: Help people find the books they want: guide them to genre sections
  • Cashier - handle cash, process credit cards
  • Assistant Cashier - help total purchases, help bag up purchases for customers
  • Membership Signup- help shoppers sign up to join The Friends of the Marina Library or to renew their memberships

End of Sale: Sunday, September 16 after 3 pm - Clean-up

We pack up left over books in boxes for pick up by Goodwill. Help us pack up and take any free books that you want.

If any of these jobs sound interesting but you feel that you don't know enough, just call or email. We are ready to help you learn all about it!

Become A Member

There are a variety of annual membership types available. They range from $2 Youth memberships to $15 Family memberships and even $25 Business memberships. There is even a $300 lifetime membership so you never have to renew! Your tax-deductible donation will assist us in providing ongoing support to the Marina Library. You will be kept informed of new projects and developments at our regular monthly meetings and can get updates at anytime on this website

Print A Membership Form
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The Friends of the Marina Library is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization, so any financial donation is tax deductible.

We will send you a proof of donation for your tax return. Our Tax ID Number is #77-0291953.


The Marina Library sits on a beautiful parcel of land adjacent to the duck pond at Locke Paddon Park. The Marina community raised the funds to purchase this land by selling commemorative bricks. You can see the bricks on the patio in front of the library.

The Friends of the Marina Library continues to sell commemorative bricks to raise funds for the library. Now, the funds are used to fund programming, books, and improvements to the facility.

Bricks cost $250. They are generally installed once a year. Once installed, the brick will be a permanent monument to your support of our library. You may inscribe a personal message, memorial statement, or an organizational name. Each brick can have 3 lines with up to 23 characters per line.

Print An Order Form
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Here are a couple of examples:

Image: Example of an engraved brick