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Dads Read!
Saturday, August 14, 2021
10 am

Our Reader: Mr. Jeremy Wright of Uce Juice and Zoom Academy. At the Marina Library playground: 190 Seaside Circle. Bubble wands, big blocks, trains, sidewalk chalk, toy kitchen.

Michelle Lang Children's Room History

The Michelle Lang Children’s Room was dedicated by her parents, Astrid and the late Billy Lang of Marina. Astrid and Billy couldn’t think of a more appropriate living memorial to their daughter Michelle whose favorite saying was: “Knowledge nurtures the imagination.” Michelle firmly believed that in order to instill the desire to accomplish anything in life, it starts with parents reading with their children when they are very young. The Michelle Lang Children’s Room hosts a wide array of programs from Storytimes, to Block Parties, Learn to Discover (STEM) programs, and much, much more.

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